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And Then I Crossed The Sanzu River {Dedicated to Isshi of Kagrra,}

Title: And Then I Crossed The Sanzu River {Dedicated to Isshi of Kagrra,}
Authoress: himenojigoku
Chapters: One-shot
Rating: M
Pairing: None
Genre: Supernatural,Lament,Introspective,Tragedy
Warnings: Isshi’s Death, Demon marking, un-beta-ed
Summary: And it was seven days after. After he watched his family and friends cry over him, after he watched the monks pray over him, after they scattered his ashes near the cherry blossom trees, that he appeared at the Sanzu River.
Comments: I don’t know, but for some reason I just needed to write this. No one has to read it but, I wanted to share. No, I’m not speculating how he died or anything. I’m writing what I think happened in the After Life and it turned out weirder than I thought. :P It’s based on what little I know of Buddhist/Shinto religion, Japanese folklore/mythology and what I googled on Sanzu River. Hopefully I’m right and he’s happy in the afterlife :) Plus it’s a supernatural story, lot’s of unbelievable stuff happens. On a side note, listen to Jigoku Shoujo OSTs^^

What is this?

Where am I?

Golden eyes slowly opened. They saw a vast dark space. There was no light or sound, and the only being occupying it was him. “What happened?” He whispered. His soft voice echoed loudly in the enclosed space. It seemed he was glowing a faint yellow light. The non-human eyes trailed over his own body. He was wearing a simple red yukata tied with a white obi. His feet were bare, save for an ankle bracelet on his right leg that was made of thick metal jade and white crystal drops were hanging from it. His nails were long, sharp, and covered by black. There was an identical bracelet on his left wrist, but a lotus flower made of jade was in between white and dark colored beads instead. Pale hands went to feel his face. He had three piercings in each ear, a small jewel in his forehead, and long black hair flowed past his shoulders. 

Isshi took a lock in between his fingers. There were red streaks in his midnight locks, but the hair was still like silk. Why was he dressed like this? When he ran a hand through his hair to calm down, he felt something sharp. Two dark brown horns were at the top of his head. He trailed his index finger along the curve of one. “Did I cosplay, while getting too drunk?” Kagrra’s former vocalist wondered. If he didn’t know better, he would say he was an Oni. Little did he know how true that was.

The newly born,unaware Oni could not remember the events that lead to this. “I was in my home...I...what did I do?” It hurt Isshi every time he tried to remember. It was like a blurry, fuzzy mental wall that kept him from seeing yesterday’s events. Well as a soul, you’re not supposed to see your death until Izanami thinks your ready. So, it was the next day Isshi began his journey.

Day One.

The first remnants of a memory came to Isshi. He was just sitting in the void, thinking of nothing, when a cloud appeared before him. It wasn’t a normal cloud. It was like he was looking through a magical mirror. It was himself, dressed in a green yukata with grey floral patterns at the end. He was laying on his back porch reading a book. “...Is that me? But-” 

The Oni touched the cloud, but it was solid like glass. The vocalist watched himself continue reading, flip a page, and push up his black glasses on his nose before a dreadful feeling came. Isshi, the one on the porch, sat up abruptly and clutched his chest. It was a memory playing like a silent movie; no sound was heard. “No! Someone help me!” Isshi remembers now. He had a searing pain in his chest, so bad he couldn’t call for help or barely move. He watched himself drop the book and try to turn over, while still clutching his chest. The vocalist used an arm to drag himself weakly in the direction of where the house phone would be. He didn’t make it though as a violent shudder tore through him and he gasped a final breath on the floor. Isshi watch himself grow still and the light go out of brown eyes. The Oni punched the cloud. “NO!” Tears spilled from the now golden eyes.

The cloud instanly disappeared in wisps of smoke. Isshi stood up. “No! Come back! Come back here!” The Oni tried to grasp the smoke, but it was too late. They floated into nothingness. His arm was left outstretched and he gasped,“Was that how I died?” Nothing answered him.

Day Two.

Isshi was lying down on his back. His throat was dry and he felt hot. Maybe it was a fever? Black hair clung uncomfortably to his face. His vision was blurry, though there was nothing to see in the void.

“Shh, my child. There is nothing to fear.”

A feminine voice said. Isshi felt so weak. He couldn’t lift a finger if he tried. “Why...?” The Oni silently gasped as he felt a burst of heat invade his chest. He closed his eyes in slight pain as the heat spread over his already heated body. “I can’t...” He lost consciousness.

Day Three.

The newborn Oni didn’t know what day or time it was, but he was awakened by water splashing his face.


The feminine voice spoke again. Isshi now had water surrounding his overheated body.

“Water?” He whispered. He was still lying on his back and the water filled the void around him until the point of his chin. “What is this?”

“You are dead.”

“Dead?” Isshi asked. His mind was processing slowly.

“Yes, you are dead.”

“Why am I dead?”

“Your family wants you back.”

“My family?” But there was no reply. Isshi continue to lay in the cooling water. So he was dead, but why was he in this void?

Day Four.

When the golden eyes awoke again, Isshi was in a meadow of giant lotuses. They glowed different colored light into the dark void. The Oni sat up. He was also still in water. “What does this all mean?”

“You are being purified.”

“Purified?” He could come to terms with the fact he was dead. That memory the cloud showed him was not false. He couldn’t remember anything after that incident. “Why am I being purified?”

“To enter the underworld of course.”

Day Five.

Isshi was getting frustrated. He figured the  feminine voice was a goddess of some kind. “I’m no saint, but I’m not a bad person...” He said aloud. The Oni was able to walk now, albeit slowly, and he was wandering between the lotuses. When he past by a particular red lotus, it started to glow. “Huh?”

The petals unfolded and it revealed water where the nectar should be. Isshi came to it and saw his reflection. It frightened him! Two medium brown horns stood proudly on his head. Bright golden eyes stared back instead of familiar brown. His hair was midnight intertwined with blood red and dark eyebrows were very slender. A light pink jewel was in his forehead. Two intricate silver and jade cuffs were in his ears along with white crystal studs. “This-this can’t be me?!” He rubbed his hands over his face. He looked completely like an Oni.

“But it is.”

The water then changed to a scene. It rippled until it formed the picture of his family, crying and wearing black. He could see co-workers, other fellow musicians, his best friends, and family all bowed before an alter. Nao, Akiya, Shin and Izumi were shaking horribly at the front as Monks eerily chanted prayers. There at the top of the alter, was a picture of him smiling cheerfully. It was surrounded by incense and chrysanthemum flowers.

At the bottom of the alter, there was a white sheet covering something or someone. One could tell it was the shape of a human body. It lay still not making a sound. More tears spilled over as the realization hit Isshi harder that he was really dead. His slender hands grabbed at the giant petals as his legs struggled to hold his weight. The image disappeared, but not from his heart.

Day Six.

It had been hours since he moved. He was lying in the water with an over heated feeling again. No. It was like he was burning. “What is happening to me?”

“As buddhist law, you are being cremated.” Izanami answered.

“Cremated?” Isshi echoed. That explains the burning.

“Bare with it child. You are almost home.”

“Tell me, what is your name?”  Isshi panted. His claws scraped against the black void as the heat and pain wracked his body. 

“Izanami.” She answered simply. “Goddess of Life and Death.”

“Izanami.” He whispered. “Aren’t you in the Underworld?”

“Yes, I am.”

“So I...”

“Hush.” She answered gently. “You did nothing wrong.” Isshi fell asleep at those words.

Day Seven.

The Oni awoke with a start. He was in a graveyard. It was unnaturally bright to him, after being in the black void for so long. While covering his sensitive eyes, Isshi began to look around. He could hear monks calling prayers and a gong. When he moved his hand, that’s when he noticed his skin was transparent. His golden eyes traveled all over his body. You could see right through him! 

The monks got closer. He could see their white robes in the distance. “Wait...” He ran towards them. He doubted anyone could see him. He stopped behind the edge of a sakura tree. The sakura trees were blooming beautifully, but the eerie quietness destroyed the peaceful image. There was no wind, no birds, no noise at all. The only thing that was heard were the prayers and quiet sniffles of people.

Isshi caught up the monks. They were in a funeral procession. His close friends and family were trailing behind his mother holding a silver jar. “Those must be my ashes.” He stated. He knew by the way his mother clutched the jar to her chess crying. The Oni walked beside them until the procession stopped at a giant sakura tree. It must be the hugest one in the area.

“Isshi.” His mother whispered his name. “I know how much you loved gazing at sakura trees. I decided, this should be a fitting resting place.” A visible shudder went through her as she took the top of the jar off. A monk came over and held incense over the jar chanting another prayer. He circled the jar with the cleansing smoke 3 times. 

His mother then stood up as rigid as she possibly could. She stepped towards the sakura tree. Her dainty hands held the silver jar firmly as she poured his ashes towards the ground. A unnatural wind seemed to carry his ashes away, making him disappear forever. Before Isshi started to disappear, he saw the tears streaming down his mother face. He couldn’t bare it.

“Mother!” But it was too late, his ghostly body already faded from the living world.

It was on the seventh day that he was released from the black space that held him prisoner for a week. And it was seven days after. After he watched his family and friends cry over him, after he watched the monks pray over him, after they scattered his ashes near the cherry blossom trees, that he appeared at the Sanzu River. 

Surprisingly, there were no other souls around him. The river ahead was vast and deep, stretching for miles. The sky was an endless void of black. No stars or clouds occupied it. It was deathly quiet too.  Isshi’s eyes then focused on the banks. There were the two demons Datsue-ba and Keneo. Isshi couldn’t believe his eyes, even after all he’s seen. He didn’t control his body as he began to walk to the two demons. Both demons were unbelievably tall. Datsue-ba had red skin, long black hair,  crazy gold eyes and two long fangs protruding from her mouth. Keneo had blue skin, short brown hair, the same eyes and fangs. When Isshi stopped in front of Datsue-ba, he was silently shocked and afraid. They determined his fate, right?

“My, my, what a handsome young child.” The old hag from hell smiled at the newborn Oni. She could smell his fear and it was tinted with the pleasant scent of cherry blossoms. 

Keneo also came to step beside his mate. He looked over the young Oni, deeming him an unnatural beauty. “My, the Sakurahan must be very pleased.” 

Isshi stared confused. “What do you mean?”

Keneo’s crazy and golden eyes bore into Isshi’s. “I’m saying your Oni clan must be very pleased. You are an beauty in these parts, my boy.”

Becoming with slight jealousy, Datsue-ba snarled, “There is no reason for us to try you, because we already know. Cross over the river by going on the bridge.”

“That...” Isshi’s mouth instantly closed when Datsue-ba pressed a finger on his jewel. A warm light filled his head and he immediately calmed down. With unnatural grace, like a force controlling him, he made his way over to the grand bridge and began to walk across.

“Have a safe journey.” Datsue-ba called mockingly sweet. “Ah, these new Oni are so naive.”


.......It was some time later, after Isshi unconsciously crossed the bridge, that he ended up in a strange forest. “Where am I?” The former vocalist was also wondering if he hadn’t gone insane. This was a lot to deal with over in a week. The forest glowed a neon blue. Little flames of the dead were floating here or there and the sky was still a black void. The trees were bare except for some strange green flowers. The Oni looked around some more; he was completely alone...or so he thought.

“There you are.”

Isshi jumped a mile high as he quickly turned to face the source of the voice. There before him stood a tall, intimidating being. He was another Oni. Long flowing black hair with the same red streaks as Isshi went past broad shoulders. Golden brown skin glistened under the blue light and black horns protruded from the forehead also. The Oni had the same light pink jewel in the middle of his forehead and he wore rich black and red silk robes. Many silver alined peircings glinted in the light too. A long blackened nail beckoned Isshi to come closer. 

“Come, my child. We have much to discuss.” His deep commanding voice said.

Isshi was frozen. There was another Oni in front of him, telling him to follow? “No. I don’t know you!”

A brief expression of hurt flashed across the demon’s face. “Neyumi. Your clan leader and father.”

“Father?” Was he the reason Isshi looked like this? Sure, he liked Oni and the supernatural while he was alive, but this is too extreme. “How are you my father? Why am I not in paradise? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!” It’s not like him to loose his cool either. He was a happy person at heart. 

Neyumi frowned. “I am your true father. You are my son’s reincarnation. I know you don’t remember anything from your previous life, but trust me when I say I won’t harm you.”

“I-” The aura from the older Oni was calling to him. “I can’t take this!” He rasped and ran in the opposite direction.

“Don’t!” Neyumi promptly followed. He sent out a roar alerting the other clan members. “I guess we have to start the ceremony like this.” He stripped out of his robes as continued to follow Isshi’s scent.

Meanwhile, Isshi was by some hellish stream. Its water was red and little black fish were swimming in it. “My chest.” He heaved. His heart beat rapidly and his chest was hurting. The newborn Oni was kneeling by the river bed. “Something’s wrong.”

“Of course. You ran away before he could explain anything.”

Isshi briskly looked up. On the other side of the stream was a female Oni. Her pale skin contrasted with the long black horns. The ex-human then blushed when he realized she was naked. “W-who are you?” He instantly averted his eyes, but clutched at his chest when another wave of pain came.

The female Oni frowned. “Ah, looks like we don’t have enough time.” She crossed the shallow stream and grabbed Isshi by his clothes. They promptly transported into the clan’s territory. There, many sakura trees were eternally blooming and everything was bathed in reddish pink light. When she set the young Oni by a tree she roared to let the other clan members know they were safe.

Everything was slowly becoming dark as the pain filled Isshi’s senses. Dear, Buddha. What did I do to deserve this? He was brought back to reality when he felt his robes being tugged at. “Wha...what are you doing?” He whispered. Unbeknownst to him, clan members started to gather at the tree.

The female Oni’s blond reddish hair framed their faces as she lifted Isshi’s chin. “The reason you are in pain is because you don’t have the clan symbol yet. To get the clan symbol you have to be marked. To get marked your clothes need to be off.” She smirked when Isshi’s pained gaze widened. “My, you are a shy boy.” She licked his neck and watch him squirm a bit in discomfort.

“No!” He tried to shuffle away when he saw other demons, both male and female, come his way. The female Oni he knew, pulled his legs to where she was at and finish tugging his clothes off. Isshi struggled of course, but it wasn’t enough. He was soon in his naked glory. 

“Wait Oiko!” Neyumi broke through his demon clan members. He could smell their excitement for the new member strong in the air.

“Of course.” The woman named Oiko stepped back as her clan leader came in front of Isshi. 

The newborn Oni trembled as a thought came to him. What if he was going to be eaten? He was, in a sense. “Stay away from me!” Tears glistened on his face.

“Calm down, Isshi.” Neyumi reached out a hand, ignoring a flinch, to ruffle his son’s hair. “You want the pain to go away?” A hesitant nod. “Then let us do this.” He roughly pulled the younger Oni to his chest. He breathed in the intoxicating scent. Oh, how he missed it!

Isshi was shaking violently. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but he felt you could die in the after life. “Please don’t hurt me.” He beat a fist against the other’s chest weakly.

Neyumi frowned. He nuzzled his way to the young Oni’s ear. “I can’t promise you that.” The clan leader took the first bit out of Isshi’s neck, grimacing at the pained squeak it caused. He had to inject the venom or else the other would die. 

Isshi dragged his claws around the larger demon’s shoulders, hoping to cause damage. “Why?...” He could feel the other demons taking a bite out of him. Their fangs bit any part of him they could reach, but they never tore his flesh. Isshi shivered as he could feel many tongues lick him in unspeakable places.....

Isshi was laying on the back of the clan leader in the middle of the sakura trees. He was exhausted to say the least. He was still frightened, but he believed, or maybe it was just a gut feeling, that he would be safe now. After a few explanations and a fight he was too tired to move a finger, but the chest pain was gone. Now a large black sakura flower was etched into his chest. The Oni took in the sounds of his sleeping clan members breathing peacefully and it soothed his tired mind somehow. His wounds were bleeding a little and his joints were aching, but he was okay. Neyumi was nuzzling his hand unconsciously, in a way to apologize Isshi guessed.

The newly initiated Oni rubbed his nose against the clan leader’s back and breathed in the sweaty musk of Neyumi. He happily drifted off to sleep as an endless flow of sakura petals fell down on them.

Thank you Isshi! :’) You were a beautiful human being and your music lives on in the hearts of many!

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