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Report: Kagrra, 10th Anniversary -Hyakki Yako- Dai 2 dan "Kiho"

Culmination of 10 Year Career and First Step into the Future
'Kagrra, 10th Anniversary -百鬼夜行- 第二弾 「鬼咆」

June 3rd is the day that Kagrra was formed, and when they held their first concert at Takadanobaba AREA. This year marks their 10th anniversary from that important date. On this special date, Kagrra celebrated their 10th anniversary since forming the band by holding a concert at Shibuya O-EAST.

On June 3rd, O-EAST was packed with fans wanting to congratulate the 10th anniversary of Kagrra. There were not only Japanese fans but fans from abroad as well. It is often said that 'music overcomes borders'. Fans were excited to see those words put into practice.

The lights inside the hall dimmed. The title of the concert appeared onto the stage curtains. Beyond those curtains, a faint ray of light could be seen. As the curtains parted, the audience saw that light shining straight down toward Isshi, who was sitting on a chair. He was looking at a book held in his hand. He began to recite.

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