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Episode 157: Kagrra, Using Magic Foundation Makeup!?

musicJAPANplus writer Kanako went to Kagrra,'s concert in Shibuya O-WEST a few days ago!
Did you go as well? Check out her note on the coverage!

Episode 157: Kagrra, Using Magic Foundation Makeup!?

Hello everybody! This is musicJAPANplus writer Kanako! During holidays I've recently started to go on trips to lots of different places. Just the other day I went to Shimokitazawa, and I found many stylish clothes! They were all affordable too. Although it's not as famous as Shibuya and Harajuku, Shimokitazawa is a great place to shop around for fashion items. They're beginning to sell clothing for the spring season, so if you're planning to come to Japan I definitely recommend visiting Shimokitazawa! You can go there straight from Shibuya by getting on a train on the Inokashira Line!

I've been visiting various locations during weekdays too! A few days ago I went to Shibuya O-WEST. Kagrra, was going to hold their first concert since the closing night of their previous tour. 2010 happens to be the band's 10th anniversary! Check their official website to see their jam-packed schedule. 2010 is set to be another busy year for Kagrra, fans. As for their upcoming tour, Isshi made an intriguing comment. "For each performance 'something' might happen!" Diehard fans will have to see all their performances to find out what he meant!

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