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Seasonal Survey feat. Kagrra, is UP!

 Three seasonal surveys have been updated today!!
They are PENICILLIN, Alice Nine, and Kagrra,!
Enjoy in both English and Chinese! Click the title or picture to read the whole article!

[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Kagrra,

Autumn is regarded as a beautiful season as well in Japan.
Food is great and scenery is amazing.
And there are many festivals, which remind us of the heat in summer.

In autumn when you can fully enjoy Japan, the BGM would definitely be Kagrra,!
This time our guest at SSS is Kagrra, who has a "Japanese" style as their characteristics.
We asked them about autumn♪
They had answers that show good points of Japan...or not? (laugh)
Hope the article becomes a step to attract your interest in Japan.
And don't miss their unique illustrations!

Enjoy them all through to the end!

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