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Pressnote on V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 - Day 2

 The pressnote on V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 2nd day is updated!!

Read it here!

Hello, everyone! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako! Today was Day 2 of V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09! Yesterday after the event it had rained a bit, but today the rain stopped! It was cloudy! Never sunny! (Someone among the artists must have invited those clouds...) As was the case yesterday it was cold outside but things quickly got heated up as HANGRY&ANGRY, Aural Vampire, Kagrra, and Loveless started things off. Even though it was early in the morning the fans were all decked out in nice clothes with full makeup. Some headed to the stages to see their favorite artists, while others went to the food stands and various booths selling merchandise. The people that participated in Day 1 looked like they've gotten used to their surroundings. In addition to the performances they were enjoying other parts of the event as well!

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