The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus (official_mjp) wrote in kagrra_fans,
The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus

[VRF × MJP] Interview with Kagrra,!!

 03 | | [VRF × MJP] Share a Memorable Moment with Everyone

It has been a while since Kagrra, last appeared in musicJAPANplus.
While they were gone their unique personalities have become even more pronounced!

Check out Isshi's beautiful handwriting. As for the illustrations by master painter (?) Akiya...[cannot express in words]
Sin revealed his true thoughts in his subtitle!

Nao was being his usual self!
Be sure to look at Izumi's comments that shows why he is he leader of Kagrra,.
So in all check out all their answers!

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